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Visitors to Doha are spoilt for choice, with a plethora of options to explore the vibrant city’s cultural sites, world-class restaurants, beachfront luxury hotels or the majesty of the desert.

Beach holiday
Itineraries & tours

Family with kids

Qatar is ideal for a family friendly holiday with endless options and adventures for all ages.

Itineraries & tours

24-hour beach holiday itinerary

Discover the most invigorating 24 hours of your life.

Itineraries & tours

72-hour beach holiday itinerary

Qatar boasts hundreds of miles of stunning coastline, made all the more enjoyable by a wonderful climate. If you like beaches here are a few suggestions that you will love.

Itineraries & tours

Beach holiday more than 3 days

Qatar boasts more than 350 miles of unspoiled coastline, offering idyllic spots to enjoy the sunshine and relish the azure waters. The desert landscapes and golden seafronts are unbelievable impressive. So, without further ado, kindly peruse our list of the best of the best.

Itineraries & tours

Beach holiday for couples

From popular city beaches to hidden gems, there is an abundance of beautiful beaches across the country. Qatar enjoys pleasant weather all year long and is ideal for sun-seekers and those who want to refuel and rejuvenate. Enjoy the unspoiled sandy beaches with your loved ones with a 24-hour itinerary. 

Art & culture
Itineraries & tours

A public art itinerary

Want to spend the day experiencing the best public art across Doha? After getting a taste of the art scene through the many pieces at Hamad International Airport, indulge by venturing across the city, to see the public art pieces scattered across it.

Itineraries & tours

Cultural itinerary

Begin your cultural tour of Qatar by planning well – because there is plenty to experience.

From traditional souqs, to museums, art galleries and installations to UNESCO heritage sites and forts outside it, culture, art, and history are everywhere in Qatar.

Itineraries & tours

Qatar's street art itinerary

Qatar is fast developing a reputation as a hot spot for art and culture.  From world class museums in buildings that are works of art in and of themselves, to galleries showing the evolution of Arab art and artists, to art works in public spaces, Qatar democratises art.  This guide shows the best way to examine the latest addition to Qatar’s art scene - JEDARIART murals splashed across Doha.

Itineraries & tours

Culinary itinerary

Qatar has developed a thriving food scene and enjoys the reputation of having one of the best ones worldwide. A melting pot of different flavors and influences, the country has turned good food into an identity. Qatar's exciting food scene, from Michelin-starred restaurants to delicious street food, covers all needs and tastes and will surely challenge your taste buds.

Adventure & sports
Itineraries & tours

Active itinerary

With its arid beauty, sunny climes and untrammeled deserts, Qatar has long called to adventurers.  Answering that call has never been more rewarding.

Hit the water, bash the dunes, surf the skies, fish the seas and ride sleek Arabian horses.

Itineraries & tours

An adventurous holiday in Qatar

Qatar makes a promising destination for adventure-seekers who are looking for a holiday full of adrenaline. Here’s a list of things you can do if you’re looking for a truly adventurous day.

Itineraries & tours

Adventure more than 3 days               

If you seek adventure, it all depends how far you're willing to go. Watersports? Qatar has kayaking, surfing; windsurfing; snorkeling; sailing and more. On land? Desert safaris; kitesurfing; sandboarding; camping; skydiving. Whatever adrenaline-pumping thrill you’re looking, you’re on the right page. 

City break
Itineraries & tours

City break itinerary

Filled with art and culture, entertainment and Dhow cruises for professionals and families – your city break, your way.

Itineraries & tours

Business traveller

Qatar is a financial, trading and business centre of global significance – and a world-class hub for culture, relaxation, adventure, history, and sport.

Itineraries & tours

24 Hour itinerary

Enjoy Doha’s greatest hits in 24 hours.

Itineraries & tours

48 Hour itinerary

From water sports to camping, from nature to architecture.

Itineraries & tours

72 Hour itinerary

Wander through cultural institutions and experience living heritage.

Itineraries & tours

City break solo travelers

Doha is a compact destination, allowing solo travellers to enjoy the city and its offerings.

Itineraries & tours

City escapade for female travellers

Qatar is ideal for female travellers – with female-dedicated spaces, spa retreats and shopping of all types. 

Itineraries & tours

City escapade for solo travellers

Doha inexplicably manages to combine feet-up beach time with exciting city entertainment. Spend your time relaxing or taking in some culture at museums; souqs; art galleries; plunging earthward from a plane or whatever takes your fancy. There’s so much to do you’ll run out of time.

Romantic getaway
Itineraries & tours

Relaxation itinerary

Qatar is ideal for indulgence, with luxury hotels, decadent spas, glittering malls and sandy beaches catering to every wish

Itineraries & tours

Romantic getaway more than 3 days

Five-star hotels; exquisite dining venues; mangrove expanses; world-renowned museums; spectacular wildlife; immaculate dunes; overnight camping; breathtaking sunsets; starry skies; pristine sands and clear blue waters combine to create the perfect getaway with the promise of romantic serenity. 

Itineraries & tours

Explore Qatar like never before

Qatar creates the perfect blend of old-world hospitality and cosmopolitan luxury and sophistication. The rich cultural tapestry, new experiences and adventures are sure to leave you captivated.

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