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With its arid beauty, sunny climes and untrammeled deserts, Qatar has long called to adventurers.  Answering that call has never been more rewarding.

The Qatari spirit of adventure

Qatar is an adventurer’s dream with a wealth of rugged, untouched nature, and ideal for everything from scuba diving to kitesurfing or quad biking over the desert landscape. Unspoiled sandy beaches are a haven for skydivers weary from tumbling over the sparkling Arabian Gulf, and dune-bashers looking to relax after a hard day’s adventure in the Qatari desert.

To experience the desert like the Bedouins of yore, head south of Doha, to the ‘Inland Sea’ – a UNESCO site that is one of few places in the world where the sea encroaches deep into the heart of the desert.  Take in the majesty of the towering dunes, with the blue water juxtaposed against a myriad shades of brown, and enjoy a daytime, evening or overnight trip to traditional camps or glamps.

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Khor Al Adaid Inland Sea

Head to adventure

With a plethora of desert adventures, and from kayaking in mangroves, to wakeboarding, jet skiing and kitesurfing, Qatar will leave you breathless.

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Al Thakira Mangroves

Lush in the desert

From camel racetracks to horse riding on sleek Arabian horses, to camping trips, water skiing, windsurfing and deep-sea fishing, Qatar’s spirit of adventure never ends.

The Al Thakira mangroves near the coastal city of Al Khor offer incredible opportunities for kayaking and bird watching.  Unspoilt sandy beaches dot the peninsular nation, and offer a haven for everyone from sun worshippers to skydivers and dune-bashers looking to relax after a hard day’s adventure in Qatar’s vast desert.

Back in the city, venture on to a traditional wooden dhow in the evening, and watch the sun set over Doha’s unique skyline.

Active itinerary
Khor Al Adaid Inland Sea

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  1. Inland Sea
  2. Al Thakira Mangroves

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