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Travelling solo for more than three days? Plan the perfect city break

Doha inexplicably manages to combine feet-up beach time with exciting city entertainment. Spend your time relaxing or taking in some culture at museums; souqs; art galleries; plunging earthward from a plane or whatever takes your fancy. There’s so much to do you’ll run out of time.

Day 1

The country’s leading retail and entertainment destination Mall of Qatar is a hive of activity. High-tech gaming machines; exciting rides, and of course world-famous brand labels.

Check out the photo-friendly Oasis, a bright, airy, landscaped atrium surrounded by restaurants and cafés. An entertainment theatre complemented by dancing fountains completes the amazing ambience. 


Drop off your bags and take a ride from Doha to Banana island. Enjoy a bit of water adventure such as their signature banana boats, snorkeling, or just relax by the beach. The island is just a 25-minute ferry ride from downtown.


As the sun sets, what better than to pop over to the Corniche and enjoy a show cruise? These traditional boats are a legacy of Qatar’s days as a simple, seafaring nation, when merchants, fishermen and pearl divers plied their trade. Today, dhows include the latest amenities and technology. Sample authentic Qatari cuisine as gentle winds, glistening waters and the sight of Instagrammable skyscrapers soothe your soul.

Day 2

Like the idea of plunging towards earth at 225 kilometres per hour? If you can handle it, drop by Skydive Qatar for a truly enthralling experience. Once airborne, you’ll be heading for the ground in total free-fall, while a dedicated cameraman captures the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The exhilaration will leave you buzzing long after your feet touch ground.

Fear not. Safety is the number one priority, so diving over the beautiful desert dunes while savouring the magical view of Doha and the sea is a must-try.

So, if you’re brave enough to throw yourself out of an aircraft at around 13,000 feet, this is your chance.


At 600,000 square metres, Doha Festival City is the largest the largest entertainment, fashion and dining destination in the country featuring more than 200 international brands. 


No doubt your stomach will be grumbling by now. We have the perfect solution: Nobu Doha. Amid David Rockwell’s superb architecture, the restaurant is located on a peninsula at Four Seasons Hotel Doha. With stimulating views of the Gulf, you will be taking pics as much as savoring the delights of Chef Nobu’s world-famous menu.

What better way to spend early evening relaxing by of one the hotel’s five exquisite pools, indulging in a spa ritual or soothing your spirits while lounging on the immaculate beach watching the sun go down.

Day 3

Museums can be fun too. The Museum of Illusions offers a fascinating world designed to captivate, mesmerise and amaze but also educate. You will ask yourself is everything real? Or just an illusion?

The Vortex Tunnel will make you believe you’re struggling just to take a step forward. See yourself on the ceiling; marvel in an infinity room and question the laws of gravity. Your eyes will see things that your brain cannot understand.


Bristling with Latin ambience, Villaggio Mall has over 200 stores, including many American, British, Italian and German brand names. Note the striking Italian-style interior design. Feel free to enjoy a relaxing gondola ride in between shopping sprees.

Later, satisfy your tastebuds courtesy of the mall’s extensive dining options: Arabian, Japanese, Italian, French, Lebanese are but a few examples of the inviting delicacies that await you.

Day 4

How about something to take back for your significant other? The Gold Souq is the perfect place for jewelry lovers. You can’t miss the extravagant, traditional bridal pieces on display. There are around 40 shops that sell not only gold but diamonds; platinum; silver and pearls.

Make a purchase and your item is weighed in front of you and you will receive a certificate of authenticity. We suggest a pendant with a person’s name written in Arabic. And of course, being Doha, haggling is a mandatory and part of the unique shopping experience. 


Here you will stumble upon Souq Waqif, built on the site of Doha’s old trading market. Its winding alleys offer a montage of traditional street life. Despite the modern malls, this is one of the most popular destinations in Doha. More than just a shopping hub, you’re free to hold a falcon; stroke a camel; and take selfies of police in 1940s uniforms and beautiful Arabian horses.


From shoes to antiques to handicrafts, the shops feature all manner of goods. Fishing and pearl-diving equipment, woven fabrics, rugs, furniture, and glass ornaments.

Souq Waqif Art Center is the place to discover works by local and visiting artists creating traditional Islamic and Middle Eastern scenes, available for sale. If you have time you could even take an art class, learn about pearling from a former pearler. The restaurants and street vendors sell everything from samosas and stuffed vine leaves to meat stews and dumplings that always hit the spot. 

Day 5

How about a trip to The Pearl? Often called the Arabian Riviera, make sure your camera has plenty of battery power. You’ll need it to snap the Venice-inspired Qanat Quartier, with its colourful buildings, soothing canals, and quaint bridges. 


The Medina Centrale district features plazas, gardens, and your favourite retail outlets. The Porto Arabia area displays luxury yachts and trendy dining spots. Here’s an opportunity for you both to indulge in cuisines from all over the world or to simply sample street food delicacies.

Day 6

You will admire the architecture and impressive interiors as much as the goods for sale at Al Hazm mall. Built with 41,000 tons of stone and marble from Tuscany, the opulence adds much to this mall’s popularity. Notice meticulously hand-carved wall motifs created by expert craftsmen; the extravagant use of rich materials; and the beautifully landscaped central courtyard. Parts of Al Hazm are modelled after Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the famous mall in Milan. 


Take a break in the library of the Cultural Centre, one of the most extensive in Qatar. Resplendent with manuscripts, encyclopedias, magazines, novels, biographies and autobiographies, in Arabic or English. The stylish interior is perfect for contemplation in pure tranquility.

Shopping in this mall is another stimulating feast for your senses, with global brands distracting you from the luxuriant setting and wonderful art. 


Ready to unwind? The ultimate pampering comes in the form of the St Regis hotel’s spa. A soothing haven, the world-famous Remède Spa elevates personal wellness to unprecedented heights.

After your invigorating, sensorial journey, treat yourself to the hotel’s exceptional menu. Casual and fine dining options range from English Afternoon Tea and Astor Grill to visionary additions such as organic, artisanal cuisine. Temp your palate with fresh seafood at Oyster Bay & Bar. 

Time to relax by the pool; and to reflect.


Maybe now it’s time to consider your return flight, while reminiscing over your amazing time in a truly incredible city.

Luxury City Escapade for Solo Travellers - 72h Itinerary

  1. Katara Cultural Village
  2. Museum of Islamic Art
  3. National Museum of Qatar
  4. Souq Waqif
  5. The Corniche
  6. Al Hazm

Doha is a compact destination, allowing solo travellers to enjoy the city and its offerings.