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Qatar's street art itinerary

Qatar is fast developing a reputation as a hot spot for art and culture.  From world-class museums in buildings that are works of art in and of themselves, to galleries showing the evolution of Arab art and artists, to art works in public spaces, Qatar democratises art.  This guide shows the best way to examine the latest addition to Qatar’s art scene - JEDARIART murals splashed across Doha. Created by local artists, the works range from abstract to surrealist, to more traditional Arabic calligraphy. They engage local communities and activate spaces with vibrancy and meaning.

1.  To see a number of JEDARIART murals in one place, Fire Station is just the ticket. The minimalistic, industrial art space is brought to life by murals painted across concrete walls throughout. You can currently see around six murals in this one area by various artists.

2.  Heading out of the Fire Station, drive towards Al Abraj Park. Located in West Bay, Doha's financial district, you can spot two art pieces by Abdulla Alemadi and Mubarak Al Malik in the lush park area.

3. The 5/6 flyover, enroute to the park of the same name, is marked by a mural by Thamer Al Dossari. The park itself boasts a plethora of activities, including a maze and playground, as well as Al Sumoud by Faisal Al Hajri, a stainless steel art feature that commemorates the blockade against Qatar. Get some air and check out Shuaa Al Kuwari’s mural, located in the parking lot’s control room.

4. A short drive away in Post Office park, watch for murals by Maryam Al Maadhadi and Fatima Al Sharshani, which stand out amidst the green space.

Qatar's street art itinerary
Qatar's street art itinerary

After going through the parks, take a drive through the city, remaining vigilant for murals on interchanges and expressways throughout.

Close to Post Office park, check the wall near the road at Abdulla Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah District for another mural.  Venture to Msheireb Downtown, and head to the metro station to spot the mural by Abdulaziz Yousef. Continue to the Woqod Petrol station in Freej Kulaib, before entering QNL metro station.  Next, keep your eyes peeled while on the Doha Expressway, and then again near the Festival City Mall Interchange. Conclude your art-filled journey, by the Al Tarfa Interchange in Al Khor to see the last mural.

The murals across Qatar bring its walls alive, offering tantalizing glimpses into a vibrant arts culture, with colourful renditions of and reflections on life in the country.  With the JEDARIART experience complete, art lovers can enjoy public art, or choose from among the country’s many museums or experiences. 

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