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A public art itinerary

Want to spend the day experiencing the best public art across Doha? After getting a taste of the art scene through the many pieces at Hamad International Airport, indulge by venturing across the city, to see the public art pieces scattered across it.

1. Starting in the very heart of Doha, head to Souq Waqif to see your first public sculpture of the day. Pouce or “The Thumb,” by French artist César Baldaccini, is a highly polished bronze thumb and marks a crossroads in the famous market.

2. Next, take a short trip to MIA Park, where you can see ‘7’ by Richard Serra, a tall steel structure representing the significance of the number seven in Islamic culture. You can also spot Enchanted East, a playful carousel by Dia al-Azzawi. Explore the grounds or the Museum of Islamic Art for even more installations, paintings and historical artefacts.

3. From MIA Park, check out Smoke by American artist Tony Smith. This profound geometric piece, which once graced the cover of TIME magazine, sits in the heart of Doha’s financial district at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

4. Ghandi’s Three Monkeys by Indian contemporary artist Subodh Gupta, can be found in Katara Cultural Village, and represent the proverb “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Standing at the edge of Katara Amphitheatre, The Force of Nature II by Lorenzo Quinn shows Mother Nature in shining bronze and stainless steel. Take this opportunity to explore Katara’s beautiful sandy beaches, magnificent architecture and its many dining, art and retail venues.

5. From Katara, drive to the Lusail Multi-Purpose Hall to see The Challenge 2015, a series of awe-inspiring bronze hand sculptures by Iraqi sculptor Ahmed El Bahrani.

6. Next up, Aspire Park.  Home to Perceval, a life-sized bronze horse by Sara Lucas, her only known public art piece, at Aspire you can explore the grounds or pop in to the many malls and attractions within Aspire Zone.

7. Education City, housing multiple universities, galleries and research facilities, follows. Take in The Miraculous Journey, a monumental 14-piece series representing the development of a foetus. Seeroo fi al Ardh, M.F. Husain’s final– and arguably most unique– project, highlights the progress of humanity. If you’d like to see a little more art, stop by the Mathaf, an expansive gallery with modern Arab art.  Cross the street to the Qatar National Convention Center, where Maman by Louise Bourgeois, a giant spider made from marble, bronze and stainless-steel lives.

8. Last on our list is East-West/ West-East, the most expansive installation, located amidst the Ras Abrouq rock formations outside Zekreet, north of Doha. Created by Richard Serra, this breathtaking sculpture comprises of four steel plates, each over 14-meters tall. For the most dramatic views, time your visit for sunrise or sunset. 

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