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The desert

The undulating sand dunes of Qatar’s desert proffer a stark beauty, and are a popular destination, for a recreational safari or the spectacular landscape. 

The desert

Desert Adventures

The impressive 'Inland Sea' or Khor Al Adaid, a UNESCO recognized site, lies to the south of the city, and is one of the few places in the world where the sea encroaches into the desert.  Visitors can take an exhilarating desert safari over the dunes to this site, accessible by 4x4 vehicles. 

A favourite Qatari pastime, visitors can enjoy daytime, evening, or overnight camping trips through one of several companies that operate Bedouin-style camps (with all the mod-cons) in the desert.

The desert

Camel and horse ride

Camels and horses have long been valued in the region. For a truly authentic desert experience, nothing beats a camel ride over the soft dunes, while horse lovers can head to the Emiri stables within Souq Waqif, the Racing and Equestrian Club, or Al Shaqab, the country’s pre-eminent equestrian centre, to see sleek Arabian horses. For a uniquely local experience, head to the Al Shahaniya camel racetrack, where robot jockeys guide camels to victory. 

Inland Sea/ Khor Al Adaid

The UNESCO-recognised natural reserve is a rare example of the sea encroaching deep into the heart of the desert.

The desert


80 kilometers from Doha in Qatar's southeastern corner



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