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Adventures & sports

Qatar offers thrilling adventures that allow visitors to commune with nature and experience the majesty of the desert, inspiring awe and taking their breath away.

  • Adventures & sports

    The desert

    Undulating sand dunes proffer a stark beauty

  • Adventures & sports

    Other sports & activities

    A wide variety of sporting activities catering to all tastes

  • Adventures & sports

    The air

    View Qatar from above

  • Adventures & sports

    The water

    Abundant marine life and crystal waters

Adventures & sports

Explore Qatar’s adventurous side with Mashel Al Naimi

Planning a trip to Qatar? Check out these hidden gems, unveiled by locals and expats, who provide exciting insider tips and tell amusing stories of the country they call home. Discover Qatar through the eyes of our Curators and live like a local.

Adventures & sports

With water and winds ideal for beginners as well as advanced kitesurfers, Qatar offers some of the world's best spots for kitesurfing. Sarah Elizabeth Lord, a kitesurfing expert, tells us everything we need to know about this fascinating water activity. 

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Things to do

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