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Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

  • Dec 12 - Dec 17

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Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition is open to the public

Qatar Airways & Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

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Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition
Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition provides a collaborative environment where up-and-coming local and international designers, female entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts can come together to showcase, inspire and motivate everyone in the industry and beyond.

Heya presents the latest collections from international brands, features daily fashion shows, forums, and hands-on workshops. The event hosts an impressive fashion fest for shoppers on the lookout for exclusive collections by budding and contemporary fashion designers. 


  • New designers will present their exclusive collections, from traditional Arabian attire to perfumes and make-up.
  • Daily fashion shows, talks, and hands-on workshops by industry experts.
  • More than 150 exhibitors from Qatar, Turkey and the Arab world.
Previous editions

A lookback at the 17th Edition of Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition


The 17th Edition of the Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition showcased Qatar's homegrown talents, with established brands and businesses to upcoming designers participating. Over 150 brands presented high-street apparel, haute couture and luxury, to the latest modest evening gowns and abayas. Well-known local fashion figures, media personalities, influencers, designers, and entrepreneurs participated in various talk shows and workshops. 

Over its five days, participants at Heya enjoyed ten talk shows, four fashion shows, and two workshops organized for current and budding designers.

17th edition facts

  • Premium exhibition space

  • 5 days of fashion inspiration

  • Exclusive collections

  • 150+ brands

Impressions of the 17th edition


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Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

Doha Exhibition and Convention Center

Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) offers vast versatile spaces to host events.  It comprises seven exhibition halls and conference rooms under an impressive floating blade roof. 

Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

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