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World Class Chefs

  • Dates

    Starting 31st October 2021

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    International world-class chefs

Qatar is a fascinating destination for food enthusiasts. It has a rich and diverse culinary scene with choices for all tastes and preferences. From restaurants by Michelin Star chefs, and experimental cuisines to delicious street food, all needs and tastes can be met here.

World Class Chefs is an exciting two-year initiative where Qatar regularly hosts high-profile and award-winning international chefs from all over the world to further enrich the country’s thriving culinary scene and explore investment opportunities. 

Meet the chefs

World Class Chefs

Jannis Brevet

Minimalism and candour are at the core of Michelin starred chef Jannis Brevet’s cooking style. With a traditional foundation, which stems from his education and the experience he has built up in the 40 years he has been in the culinary industry.

World Class Chefs

David Kinch

 American chef David Kinch is known for his ingredient-driven cooking and modern culinary techniques that he has studied from around the world. Raised in New Orleans, chef Kinch brings along the rich and distinctive culinary history of his city. The owner of renowned restaurant Manresa, chef Kinch was awarded 3 Michelin stars in the year 2016. He is recognized as an innovator of a new contemporary California cuisine, where his food highlight strong French, Catalan and Japanese influences. 

World Class Chefs

Gilles Goujon

French chef Gilles Goujon owns the restaurant L'Auberge du Vieux Puits in Fontjoncouse, Aude that focuses on local foods, featuring simple ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, lamb, goat, figs and beyond. He began his culinary career in 1983 and after years of hardship, he became MOF in 1996 and won his first Michelin star in 1997. Before obtaining Michelin stars at his restaurant chef Gilles worked as an apprentice at La Compagnie du Midi (Béziers) before improving his skills at Ragueneau, in the same town. Today his restaurant is recognized for having earned three Michelin stars, the first being awarded in 2010. 

World Class Chefs

Kei Kobayashi

Born in Nagano, Japanese chef Kei Kobayashi​ from Paris needs no introduction. Earlier in his career chef Kei elected to focus on French cuisine after viewing a documentary about Alain Chapel. He trained at French restaurants in Japan before moving to France in 1998 to work with Gilles Goujon and Alain Ducasse. In January 2020, the chef and owner of Restaurant Kei in Paris' 1st arrondissement became the first Japanese to be awarded a third Michelin star.

World Class Chefs

Marc Veyrat

French chef Marc Veyrat specialises in molecular gastronomy​ and the use of mountain plants and herbs.​ Marc Veyrat has obtained a total of nine Michelin stars​ and is renowned to be the first cook to get the perfect grade of 20/20 in the Gault et Millau guide for each of his first two restaurants​.

World Class Chefs

Christian Le Squer​

Awarded 3 Michelin stars and several acclaimed recognitions, renowned French Chef Christian​ Le Squer believes strongly in exploring new culinary directions, techniques and flavours that originate from his own ideas. In 2000 he confirmed his two stars and in 2002 he was awarded the third star in the Michelin Guide. ​In 2008, he opened a new restaurant, l'Etc in Paris, for which he obtained a Michelin star the following year. Chef Le Squer joined the circle of chefs rewarded with the “five toques” of the Gault et Millau guide for his Restaurant Ledoyen in 2013. 

World Class Chefs

Jean-Thomas Schneider​

French Pastry and double World Champion of Pastry and Glacier, Chef Jean-Thomas began his culinary journey as a pastry chef at the age of 16. He spent the initial years of his training in his home region of Alsace, France and moved abroad to master his techniques in pastry design, development and creation, and in learning the English language. With great talent, Chef Jean-Thomas' passion for pastry helped him to compete and win his first prize in 2017 where he won the title World Pastry Champion.​ In 2019, he received the Prix du Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), the most prestigious award in the world.​

World Class Chefs

Frédéric Jaunault

With a humble culinary beginning of cooking and carving fruits and vegetables, French Chef Frédéric Jaunault has grown to become a European champion of fruit and vegetable sculpture. Besides being renowned for the creation and conceptualization of bespoke recipes, he is also recognized as a specialist in plant sculpture and has founded the Academy of Fruits and Vegetables. ​Chef Frédéric became Meilleur Ouvrier de France in the year 2011 and continues to offer a sensory and creative trip around the seasons through the magic of food to his customers. His culinary endeavours take him around the world with frequent appearances on French television.

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