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Qatar Live

The most exciting time of the year is here with the festivities of Qatar Live!

  • Dates

    December 5 - December 17, 2021

  • Where

    DECC, QNCC, Lusail Arena

From live concerts with popular artists to exciting acts and family experiences, Qatar Live returns this December, promising a lively month.

Expect to be thrilled with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live and captivated during iconic Arab artist performances. Entertainment for all ages is guaranteed, taking place around the best venues across Doha.

Qatar Live presents:

Qatar Live

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

A high-energy entertainment featuring Monster Trucks 

Qatar Live

Music concerts

Top artists from the Arab world will perform in Qatar! Experience spectacular musical nights, hear your favourite songs, and let the artists light up the stage of Qatar Live.

Qatar Live

Quick guide on travelling to Qatar

These travel processes are only applicable to visitors arriving from green list countries and are above 12 years of age.

Qatar Live concerts

  • Dates

    December 5 - 17, 2021

  • Seating capacity


  • Location


High-profile Arab artists will come to Qatar! 

Complimenting the 2021 Arab Cup, leading Arab artists will perform in Qatar during a few days of live entertainment.

December 5

Qatar Live

Magida El Roumi

Magida El Roumi is a Lebanese Soprano leading singer. Magida grew up in a musical environment and a family of artists in the city of Kfarshima. Since releasing her first single in April 1975, Magida has gone on to record and release fourteen studio albums. She has performed on stages all over the world, to list a few: Carnegie Hall in 1990 (New York, USA), Paris Olympia in 1993 and 1998 (France), Royal Albert Hall in 1995 (London, UK), Place des Arts in 2003 (Montreal, Canada), Athens Concert Hall in 2009 (Greece), Cairo Opera House in 2018 (Egypt) and Royal Opera House of Muscat in 2013 (Oman). 

December 9

Qatar Live

Abdallah Al Rowaished

Born in Kuwait, Abdallah Al Rowaished discovered his love for music at a young age. By the age of 14, he formed a group with his brother and two friends. By the early ’80s, four years after the group disbanded, Abdallah began his solo music career and has since recorded over 30 albums to date. Now signed to the record label Rotana, Abdallah is a well-beloved musician across the Middle East, with over 10 million streams across his singles, including the hit song “Ma Sadag Khabar” and his 2020 single “Taaban”.

Qatar Live

Assala Nasri

With over 20 music awards to her name including the ART Award for best Arab singer as well as Best artist in Dubai award, Syrian born artist Assala Mostafa Hatem Nasri is arguably one of the most popular musicians in the Middle East. Daughter of the revered singer and composer Mostafa Nasri whose stellar musical career inspired Assala to begin singing at the young age of 4 years old, leading her to sing the theme song of the popular children's show “Hekayat Almiyah”.

Assala’s decorated career in the music industry officially took off in 1991 with her hit operatic Egyptian style album “Law Ta’rafou”. 60 music videos, 43 hit singles and 24 albums later, Assala has remained an influential artist and humanitarian. Amassing over 200 million YouTube streams for her most recent singles alone, Assala has also gained notoriety internationally. Most notably performing the official song of the Special Olympic World Games in Abu Dhabi 2019 alongside accredited artists Ryan Tedder, Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi, Hussain Al Jassmi and Tamer Hosny. Recognised as ambassador for “Peace Building Through Music” and fan favourite host on Dubai TV’s music show “Soula”, her range and skill know no bounds.

Qatar Live

Mutref Al Mutref

Once dubbed as one of Kuwait’s most notable young musicians to watch out for, Mutref Al Mutref is a born and bred Kuwaiti singer-songwriter currently signed with the prestigious label Rotana Records. After receiving first place at the GCC Music Festival, Mutref Al Mutref released his first studio album, “Monhak Gharam”, and has since performed across the UAE and US with several tracks reaching the Top 100 Kuwait Music Charts. His hit follows up title track “Fagdek” from his second collaborative album proved to be a huge success and has since garnered over 1.4 million YouTube streams and thousands more across music streaming platforms.

December 16

Qatar Live

Assi El Hallani

Multitalented Lebanese singer and composer Assi El Hallani began his decorated career at the young age of 17, upon winning the popular talent show “Studio El Fan”. He began singing in Beirut at 16, before going on to release his first studio album a year later in 1989 under the name Baytik Qasr. Assi is known for popularising the Arab vocal technique accompanied with the Oud performance, which he also studied at the Higher Institute of Music in Lebanon. His artistry has earned numerous awards throughout his career such as Best Live Arabic Sound at Dubai Music Festival, an honorary PhD from the University of Michigan and his most treasured award, receiving the title of “Fares el Ghina’ el Arabi”(The knight of Arabic Music) from the late Georges Ibrahim El Khoury.

Qatar Live

Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares is a Lebanese born multi-talented entertainer with several successful studio albums under her belt and an international fanbase of over 16 million. Known for her captivating show stopping live performances which earned her the title of “Queen of the stage”, Myriam’s sound bridges the gap between western and Arab pop music. Appointed Google’s first ambassador across the Middle East and North Africa, and ranking the No#1 most searched Arab musician. Breaking records for the most played artist on the well known streaming service Anghami with over 53 Million plays, Myriam is considered one of the most popular and influential female artists in the Middle East. It comes as no surprise that she was hand chosen by Netflix as the first Arab artist to create a documentary for their 200 million international subscribers to see. The documentary which saw Myriam take her fans on a never-before-seen journey into her personal life as well as musical process during lockdown, landed at No#1 amongst Arab countries on the platform within hours of it’s release and held it’s position in the “Top 10 Trending Movies” chart for 3 consecutive weeks, competing with local and international movies. Myriam is a force to be reckoned with, and despite her incredible success, this is clearly just the beginning of what’s to come.

Qatar Live

Salah Al Zadjali

Salah Al Zadjali is a distinctive Omani Artist and Musical Composer. Throughout his musical career, he contributed to taking the Omani songs to new levels, achieving ongoing successes in the Gulf and the Arab region. He is well known for his exceptional romantic singles and albums.

Also, he made his influence in national and sports songs.

December 17

Qatar Live

Fahad Al Kubaisi

Fahad Al Kubaisi is a Qatari born singer/ record producer best known for his "tender" baritone style and famous for producing a sophisticated genre of Khaliji music. Signed to Rotana Records, Fahad is the first Qatari to be nominated for a Grammy in 2018.  He released his first album Jamaal El Rouh (The Beauty of the Soul), in 2001 and has since produced several successful albums. 

Qatar Live

Asma Lamnawar

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, and cited in Forbes as one of the “Top 100 Arab Celebrities” Asma Lamnawar is an Arabic singer, who burst onto the music scene in 1995 and began her career in 2002 after releasing her debut album "ناري" ("Fiery"). A self-professed, persistent and ambitious talent with a deep love for music, Asma began pursuing her dream as a singer at the age of 12 after being encouraged by her four sisters and studying the work of great artists such as the late Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum. With the support of her family, at 15, she entered the industry and made her debut TV performance. After 28 years in the business, Asma has now worked under some of the largest Arab production companies and has since toured across Europe as well as the Middle East accumulating a fan base of over 13 million.

Qatar Live

Ayed Yousef

Saudi born singer, Ayed made his official break into the music industry in 2015 when he released his first track “You Forgot Me” on Instagram, building an instant fan base. The single was then redistributed and published in January 2016, achieving over 8.5 million views on YouTube alone. After such great success, he quickly rose to fame and stardom when he published a song entitled "Saki of Thirst", which achieved over 21 million views on YouTube. The overwhelmingly popular reception of this single led him to release two additional hits "Kelil Chouf" and "Modi Khoush". Ayed is known best for his collaborative use of instruments, sounds, genres, and vocal styles. His unique style is heavily influenced by his wide-ranging musical palette and interest in exploring different cultures. In 2016, Ayed debuted his self titled album, which produced three singles and won several first place awards across the middle east. The track “Fman Allah” from the same album occupied the No#1 spot for several weeks and was regarded as the highest viewed single across Arab Gulf countries accumulating over 8.5 million views, also ranking No#1 on Anghami for 6 consecutive weeks. 

Experience the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live events in Qatar

  • Dates

    December 8-11, 2021

  • Seating capacity


  • Location

    Lusail Arena

Fans of all ages will enjoy an exciting new and expanded lineup of epic monster trucks as they experience the thrill of watching the iconic Hot Wheels monster truck toys come to life in a full-size, kid-focused, immersive Hot Wheels® experience.

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