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Shopping in Qatar

Shopping in Qatar

Shopping malls

Doha's world-class shopping malls are family-friendly destinations.  With a comprehensive array of high street and luxury brands from around the world, the larger malls have an extensive range of recreational facilities.

Shopping in Qatar


Traders and merchants have long congregated in traditional markets, exchanging products, services, and information.  

Follow my recommendations for the perfect city-break and the best shopping destinations in Qatar!

Shopping in Qatar
Elmira Kahrobaie Luxury Blogger
Shopping in Qatar

Shopping like a local

From traditional Souqs to exclusive boutiques and world-renowned luxury brands, Qatar offers an unmatched shopping experience.  Shopping in Qatar is an art.  Marbled promenades sell the finest jewellery, perfume, and fashion, while time-honoured Souqs house everything from textiles, handicrafts, musical instruments and perfumes tailored to the wearer.

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