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Get onboard a traditional dhow

Take a journey along the coast and relive days gone by

Get onboard a traditional dhow
Get onboard a traditional dhow

The word dhow is originally Swahili, and is a generic term for a variety of wooden vessels with one or more masts and a triangular-shaped sail attached to a cross beam. They flourished along the East African coast, and ancient Greek texts reference dhows dating back as far as 600 BC.

Though historians remain divided as who conceived the dhow, basically teak planks sewn together, it is suggested they were invented either by Arabs or Indians. Originally fishing, pearling or trading vessels, they are still used to transport goods along the coasts of the Arabia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and East Africa.

Today dhows may feature modern amenities designed to entice tourists and the curious. A barbeque dinner featuring authentic Arab delicacies and traditional Qatari hospitality would be a wonderful way for you to spend a magical, soothing evening.

Get onboard a traditional dhow
Get onboard a traditional dhow

Highlights of your visit

  • Ride on a traditional vessel

  • Authentic cuisine

  • Stimulating photos of Doha

To prevent leaks, cotton mixed with coconut oil is stuffed between the timbers. The lifespan of a dhow can be as long as 120 years.

You will find numerous dhows moored along the Corniche, Al Khor and Al Wakra, waiting to take you on a stimulating journey with stunning views of the city.

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