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Purple Island

Located in the northeast of Qatar, Al Khor or Purple Island, is a must-visit spot in the country. An hour drive from Doha, near Al Khor city, the island is famous for its natural beauty, exotic flora and fauna and pristine environment; the ideal spot for a day trip for the whole family.

The island has been a dye production site for several years thus its name; the colour produced there was purple. However, there’s another version why Al Khor island is called purple; some owe it to the purple-hued flowers that grow in the island.

If you’re planning a visit, the best time to do so is between November to February as the heat and sun will be milder this time of the year and you will enjoy the various activities offered more pleasantly.

The island’s spectacular natural beauty makes it the ideal place to bird watch, walk in nature, spot a variety of marine animals, try kayaking though the mangroves or cross the wooden bridge that connects the island with small hills and Purple Island Beach.

Keep in mind that there are no facilities on the island nor a shaded place so be prepared accordingly. Bring your own supplies, hat or shade of any kind, appropriate footwear to walk around and of course, leave no trace behind; pick up any trash and take them with you before leaving.

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