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Holiday Homes

Qatar National Tourism Council is taking steps to regulate the operation of holiday homes, defined in Article 1 of the Tourism Law no. 20 of the year 2020, providing a complete licensing and classification process and ensuring international best practices are adopted to increase transparency, safety and standardisation of the sector.

The new regulations outline homeowners' requirements to apply for a license, including quality standards, amenities, health and safety, accessibility criteria, code of conduct, and environmental sustainability.

Granted to individuals or corporates who own or rent apartments or villas in tourist areas, the license provides visitors with peace of mind, allowing them to explore Qatar's varied offerings while enjoying our unparalleled Qatari hospitality. Similar to the Qatar Clean Programme, the Holiday Home regulation is part of QNTC's efforts to promote a safe, enjoyable experience to those who visit Qatar.

Download the PDF in English

Download the PDF in Arabic

QNTC has upgraded its systems to facilitate the new license applications for owners and authorized tenants who can now apply for a Holiday Homes license through the e-Services portal.

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